2023 Dr. Horace Jackson Legacy Scholarship Fund recipients Isaic Lujan, Oscar Alvarez and Alyssa Martinez (not shown: Kaci Ginwright)

For more than 80 years, scholarships have been a vibrant part of IECF’s mission to support equitable education.

IECF’s founder, Charles E. Brouse, held a profound belief in the transformative power of scholarships. He understood that providing educational opportunities to hardworking students was a meaningful and regenerative way to give back to the community. Through his original endowment and subsequent gifts from many generous donors who have embraced his vision for higher education, students from our vast and diverse region continue to receive vital support for their educational journeys.

Annually, the foundation distributes well over $1 million to students within the two-county region and across the nation. We grant additional funds to support nonprofits providing educational services, for a total of over $4.7 million in scholarships and educational grants in 2022. These awards serve as beacons of recognition, celebrating the achievements of deserving students and instilling hope in those who seek a better future.

Scholarships can be funded in many ways. For example:

  • by individuals like Victress Bower, whose endowment has benefited aspiring teachers for over 60 years;
  • by friends and family  to honor the memory of a loved one, as with the Diana Harris Fund;
  • by businesses like Shield Packaging Company, whose owners wanted to support their former employees;
  • by community organizations like the MOSAIC Fund, established to help students and teachers who work toward diversity and inclusion;
  • and by members of alumni groups like the Horace Jackson Legacy Scholarship Fund committee, who created a scholarship to honor their former principal and carry on his work as a champion of social equality, access to education, and a better future for all.

Founded in 2021 to support  JW North High School graduates, The Dr. Horace Jackson Legacy Scholarship Fund has just completed its second round of annual scholarship awards. This year, Oscar Alvarez, a first-generation college student, was presented with a cash award of $3,000 for two years, and three finalists also received $500 each. Oscar will pursue a degree in Mathematics and hopes to return to JW North High School as a teacher. Meet the honorees and read the full story here.

Cully Williamson (’75), Carolyn Jackson, Michele Himmelberg (’74), Cathy Jackson, Alyssa Martinez (’23) Oscar Alvarez (’23), Isaic Lujan (’23), Molly Williamson (’74), Nancy Biddle Sutterley (’75), Oscar Edwards (’72)

The fund, made possible by donations from alumni and friends, is very near to reaching the committee’s first goal of $100,000. Molly Williamson, JW North Class of ’74 and founding member, said, “JW North has a legacy of diversity, inclusivity and support for all of its students. It’s truly astounding the number of alumni who teach and work at North. Our scholarship is aimed at grads who will be attending community college and desire to give back to their community. I couldn’t be prouder of them and my alma mater.”

The committee welcomes all contributions toward creating a sustainable fund to help more Husky graduates. Donations can be easily made online.

Through its unwavering commitment to scholarships and the generosity of our donors, IECF is proud to help shape the narratives of countless individuals, empowering them to pursue their dreams, uplift their communities, and create a legacy of educational excellence.

To learn more about setting up a fund at IECF, email our Charitable Giving Team or call us at 951-241-7777.

Photos courtesy of Dr. Horace Jackson Legacy Fund Scholarship committee

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