Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

IECF, in March 2020, adopted a focus on racial, gender, and economic equity. This means many things, and is a journey as much as a destination. First, it means ensuring our staff and Board reflect the communities we serve and that our grantmaking builds the voice and power of our grantees to transform their communities. It also means listening to and incorporating the lived experiences of people who daily struggle to achieve safety, health, and prosperity in the Inland Empire; our shared history as Americans including slavery and immigration; and our awareness of the impact of America’s settlements on Indigenous Peoples.

In doing this work, we will rely on data that shows where disparities exist to drive our grantmaking, programs, and partnerships. Our donors and fund holders are essential partners in this effort, as we learn together and seek the gifts that can provide a better quality of life and greater self-determination for our powerfully diverse Inland Empire residents.

IECF is walking this journey with its Board, staff, and stakeholders to better use community philanthropy to create a fairer Inland Empire. We stand firmly against racism and all forms of oppression, prioritizing equity, inclusion, and diversity in our community work. We encourage you, the reader of this statement, to reach out and talk, listen, learn and act with us in the coming years to build the most vibrant, peaceful, and just communities possible for the Inland Empire.

Our Grantmaking Focus

In reaffirming our commitment to diversity, the Community Impact Fund will provide grants to groups in the IE whose missions align with prioritizing equity, inclusion, and diversity in the communities they serve. Grants made from this unrestricted fund will:

  • Support and build the capacity and effectiveness of nonprofits, collaboratives and coalitions that are working to advance social and economic equity.
  • Flexible, unrestricted support to carefully selected nonprofits that demonstrate the interest and ability to strengthen their organizational effectiveness and capacity.
  • Nonprofits providing quality, essential services in the areas of education, economic development (inclusive), environment as well as those engaged in civic engagement, community organizing, advocacy, and movement building.
  • Support small budget sizes, levels of capacity, and infrastructure

Trust-Based Philanthropy

Trust-based philanthropy is our approach to grantmaking that addresses the inherent power imbalances between funders, nonprofits, and the communities they serve. It is about redistributing power— systemically, organizationally, and interpersonally. Principles:

  • Multi-year unrestricted grants
  • Streamlined applications and reporting
  • Commitment to building relationships based on transparency, dialogue, and mutual learning

Latest News

Community Impact Fund Grants of $589K Focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

In keeping with its focus on grantmaking through an equity lens, IECF is pleased to announce Community Impact Fund (CIF) awards totaling $589,500 to 40 nonprofits in the Inland Region. The grants will be used to strengthen work that prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

IE Black Equity Fund Inaugural Cohort of 16 Grantees Receives $740,000

Sixteen local organizations received a total of $740,000 in funds which will be used to advance the mission of Black-led and -empowering organizations in the Inland Empire.

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