The FRIENDS of VETERANS Fund was established in 2022 to benefit veterans residing in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties whose needs include but are not limited to legal aid services, post-military education and skills-building, housing, basic needs, and physical and mental health.

California is home to over 1.8 million former service members, which is the largest veteran population of any state in the United States. ~CA Census 2020 

What are the benefits of the FRIENDS of VETERANS Fund?

  • Grow philanthropy to bring needed resources and impact to our many veteran residents and their families
  • Learn about ways you can support Inland Empire’s veterans and how you can lend your support.
  • Combine your gift with others to enhance impact.
  • Network with others who are philanthropically minded and living their passion to meaningfully improve the lives of veterans who have served our country and region.

Your gift will support the nonprofit organizations serving our region’s veterans and their families by building organization capacity and sustainability of vital programming as well as shedding light on areas where we can lend our voice to serve those who served us.

To learn more about the Fund, download the FRieNDS OF VETERANS pdf

Inland Empire State of Veterans Report

In 2023, IECF conducted a study to assess the landscape of support and resources available to veterans in the region. The goal was to gain a comprehensive understanding of existing benefits, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately ensure veterans thrive in the community.

The study focused on various aspects of veteran life, including healthcare, employment, housing, education, mental health, and more. It also considered the diversity of the veteran population, reflecting the Inland Empire’s cultural richness.

This report serves as a valuable resource for organizations, policymakers, and individuals committed to veteran well-being. It offers insights, best practices, and recommendations for streamlining service delivery and placing veterans at the center of solutions.

Download the Inland Empire State of Veterans Report

“I come from a military family, beginning with my grandfather who served in WWI, and continuing to current day with grandsons and nephews currently in service. Our family has always been supportive of our military and especially veterans who’ve served our country. I’m excited about the FRieNDS OF VETERANS Fund and Iencourage you to support this growing fund and help spread the word in our two-county region. This is an important bridge, bringing more resources to underserved veterans. The need is greater than ever … be part of the journey.”


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