Policy Principles & Priorities:

In order to address inequities in the Inland Empire, the Inland Empire Community Foundation is seeking to create greater policy capacity in the region through collaboration, uplifting community-based organizations and their ideas, and amplify a greater voice and influence on policymakers and the region’s major institutions. In an effort to be a global community partner, the Inland Empire Community Foundation’s policy priorities include: Education Equity, Inclusive Economic Development, Housing, Health and the Environment.

Inland Empire Public Affairs Table:

The Inland Empire Public Affairs Table is made up of regional “policy wonks”. This collective body identifies and amplifies the regional voice as a means of encouraging policymakers at all levels – local, state, and federal – to act in the interests of the Inland Empire. The goal is for this cross-sectoral body of policy experts in the region to help establish and build a strong relationship with policymakers in order help shape policy, influence the region’s policy priorities, and serve as a policy vetting source for the IE Caucus.

Inland Economic Growth & Opportunity Table:

The Inland Economic Growth & Opportunity Table focuses on inclusive economic development through collaboration on medium and long-term paths toward a resilient economy. It mobilizes a diverse set of community leaders from Riverside and San Bernardino counties and focuses on advancing inclusive economic growth and expanding middle class opportunity in the region. The goal is to take bold steps that generate more quality middle-skill jobs that earn family-sustaining wages, and make them accessible to all workers in the region, particularly those without a four-year degree.

Inland Empire Children’s Table:

The Inland Empire Children’s Table is bringing together service providers and policy experts to address the regional challenges around equitable access to quality early childhood education, child care, and youth support.  The goal is to craft an attainable policy agenda and act on identified policy priorities.

Dual Enrollment Table:

The Inland Empire Community Foundation is partnering with Growing Inland Achievement in convening state and regional dual enrollment experts to identify implementation challenges and barriers – particularly for our students of color. The goal is to develop near-term attainable policy solutions that can successfully be implemented in the region and across California.

Other Policy Efforts

Dual Language/English Learners:

The Inland Empire Community Foundation is an active member of the Consortium for English Learner Success. The consortium is represented by over 100 organizations across the state with the goal is to help build alignment between policy, research and practice to advance equity and success for English Learner students.

Alternative Strategies:

The Inland Empire Community Foundation (IECF) is actively working with community partners, like the Black Equity Initiative, in pursuing alternative strategies that would include greater investment in positive behavior support, restorative justice, and access to social and emotional services. The IECF is convening and actively engaging in efforts in the region that include updating education-related funding formulas, diversity in the teacher pipeline, and more.

Addressing Policy Implementation Challenges:

The Inland Empire Community Foundation is engaging in efforts that help break down degree attainment barriers. The IECF understands that policies are only as effective as their implementation strategies. Unfortunately, there are some policies that lack effective implementation strategies and require either policy amendments or strong regional implementation agreements. As such, the IECF is actively engaged in:

  • Addressing the challenges and barriers that community college transfer students face.
  • Addressing FAFSA application completion barriers.

Legislation & Budget Priorities

State & Regional:

Assembly Bill 288 (Bonta): This bill would prohibit the displacement of student aid awards due to receipt of private scholarships for students who are eligible for the Pell Grant at institutions of higher education.
Support Letter (Link)

Assembly Bill 1361 (Rubio): This bill would prohibit suspension and expulsion in state preschool and childcare programs and would strengthen early childhood mental health consultations for optimal learning and development.
Support Letter (Link)


American Rescue Plan Act of 2021: Our nonprofits are delivering critical services and supplies to the region of nearly 5 million residents. Unfortunately, the second round of CARES Act funding limited the breadth and capacity of these services. A letter was submitted to the United States Congress and to the California State Legislature advocating for the inclusion of nonprofits in the relief package as partners in the dissemination of funds and services.
Letter to the U.S. Congress (Link)
Letter to the State Legislature (Link)

Press releases related to IECF’s policy work

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Julian Y. Cuevas

Director of Policy & Governmental Affairs

Offices Closed

Inland Empire Community Foundation’s offices are temporarily closed and our staff is working remotely. As we continue to adapt to our new work environment, we are committed to serving our donors and the community. All office lines are being forwarded to staff and you can continue to reach us via email. While we are not officially open to the public, we will have a staff person in the Riverside office M-F on a limited schedule. Please call before visiting the office, and for any questions, call us at 951-241-7777 or email us at info@iegives.org