George and Vici Nagel, IECF Donors and Brouse Legacy Society Members

As you plan for your future and your legacy, one of the most important people you’ll work with is a Professional Advisor (PA). Professional Advisors can be estate planning attorneys, CPAs or tax advisors, financial advisors, wealth managers, bank or trust officers, or real estate and insurance professionals. They all have one thing in common: they advise their clients on their wills, trusts, estate plans, charitable giving, and the allocation or distribution of their assets.

When working with a PA, you’ll spend time talking about important decisions regarding your estate plans. One key question you’ll be asked is, “Would you like to make a gift now or upon your passing?” Your answer will be based on your values, how you’d like to support your favorite charity or cause, and your familiarity with the various options available to you.

Our website reviews several ways you can give today or in the future with IECF:

  • Donor Advised Fund (DAF) – a useful tool to make an immediate impact and support your favorite cause
  • Scholarship Fund – to help Inland Empire students achieve their educational dreams
  • Designated Fund – allows you to identify specific nonprofit organizations to give to on an ongoing basis
  • Field of Interest Fundenables you to identify and give to an area of interest, such as housing, mental health, economic development, or racial equity and inclusion
  • Legacy Gifts use one of the tools above and are funded after your death to make an enduring impact.

IECF supports our donors and their PAs with many resources, and we invite you to think of us as a special part of your legacy team. Please visit our Planned Giving website,, which features educational articles and timely updates on news related to charitable giving.

We are proud to be your trusted partner, working hand in hand with you and your advisor to bring your legacy to life.

For more information on any of the charitable giving options and tools listed, please contact our Charitable Giving Team at 951-452-5621.

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