Scholarship recipients, Elizabeth Olds, Kiera Olivares, and Jenny Vargas speak to PGA WEST members about their goals for the future.

Recently, the PGA West Education Fund gave scholarships to 33 students.

The PGA West Education Fund was established in 2018 to benefit the PGA WEST employee team members, staff, and their dependents by providing scholarships for college or vocational training.

Steve Weiss, a PGA West Club member, saw the possibilities for starting a scholarship program for the club from the ground up. Working with a group of founding donors, the program launched its first round of awards. And last year, the fledgling program awarded 27 scholarships and awarded 33 recently.

Abigail Angel plans to become a high school math teacher with the goal of returning to teach in the Coachella Valley.

“We have made a special connection with our 33 scholarship recipients this year by creating our “Adopt a Scholar” program,” said Karen Ulshafer, Chair of the PGA WEST Education Council. “Each PGA WEST Education Council representative connected with 2-3 students to learn more about their individual plans and goals for the future. This program provides more than financial assistance for college, it gives the students additional encouragement and support for their future success.”

Team members who have worked for PGA West for two years and their immediate dependent family members are eligible to apply. Applications are due at the end of January and are reviewed by IECF, which holds their funds and administers the scholarships. Awards are sent directly to the schools the students will be attending to cover tuition, books and other educational expenses.

Jackson Dean is a second year undergraduate student at New York University where he is pursuing a degree in performing arts.

The scholarships also support team members in pursuing careers outside of the club. One of the scholarship recipients is leaving her job at PGA West this year in order to begin clinical work for her nursing degree.

Local businesses interested in supporting the scholarship fund are also welcome to participate.

Learn more about the fund here.

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