Living in Southern California comes with its blessings – sunshine, stunning landscapes, and vibrant communities. But it also means living alongside the threat of natural disasters. Wildfires can ignite in an instant, heavy winter rains can cause devastating floods, and the ground beneath our feet is never truly still. That’s why the Inland Empire Community Foundation’s (IECF) Disaster Relief Fund is so crucial – it’s a lifeline for our neighbors when disaster strikes.

Hope in the Face of Uncertainty: our partners help close the gap

First Citizens Bank was one of the first to donate in support of those affected by Tropical Storm Hilary. (IECF staff receives a check presented by Rans Tenorio, SVP with First Citizens Bank.)

Remember the generosity of Amazon, First Citizens Bank, and the Wells Fargo Foundation in the wake of Tropical Storm Hilary? We’re thrilled to announce another impactful contribution – a new $75,000 donation from Wells Fargo will further bolster our ability to assist communities in need. This, along with your continued support, demonstrates the unwavering spirit of the Inland Empire.

Collaborating with local organizations to create sustainable communities is at the core of what we do at Wells Fargo,” said Kären Woodruff, Senior Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Impact at Wells Fargo. “These grants will empower families and businesses throughout California to swiftly and efficiently respond to and recover from natural disasters.”

First Citizens Bank is proud to support Inland Empire Community Foundation and its disaster recovery and relief efforts for Eastern Coachella Valley farmworkers impacted by Tropical Storm Hilary. We commend their dedication to providing front line action and critical community support.” – Rans Tenorio, SVP Area Manager, First Citizens Bank

Why Donate Now, Before the Next Storm?

While tragic events like Tropical Storm Hilary and the recent El Dorado Fire leave no doubt about the need for disaster relief, preparedness is key. Donating to the IECF Disaster Relief Fund now allows us to be proactive:

  • Building a Ready Reserve: Your contributions empower IECF to have resources readily available when disaster strikes, enabling a swifter response and minimizing suffering.
  • Investing in Resilience: Funds can be used to support ongoing preparedness efforts in communities, like wildfire mitigation projects and flood control initiatives.
  • Strengthening Partnerships: By building a robust disaster fund now, we can solidify relationships with vital local organizations and nonprofits, ensuring seamless collaboration when it matters most.

Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference. Your donation will provide:

  • Emergency supplies: Food, water, shelter, and essential medical aid for those directly impacted by disaster.
  • Recovery assistance: Financial support to help families rebuild their lives and communities get back on their feet.
  • Long-term support: Resources for mental health services, educational assistance, and infrastructure repair.

We invite you to stand with us, prepared and united, to weather any storm that may come. Your donation to the IECF Disaster Relief Fund today builds a stronger, more resilient Inland Empire tomorrow.

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