IECF’s Board of Directors is deeply committed to the work we do. We’re proud to say that 100% of our board members contribute as individual donors, demonstrating leadership by example.

The Inland Empire Community Foundation thrives on the generous support of its donors, but a unique and powerful source of this support comes from its own board of directors. When 100% of the board become donors themselves, it creates a ripple effect that strengthens the foundation in far-reaching ways.

Board giving sets a powerful example. Because our board members actively contribute, they demonstrate their unwavering belief in IECF’s mission and its ability to make a positive impact in the region. This inspires confidence among existing and potential donors, fostering a sense of shared purpose and commitment.

Board giving also provides a crucial source of unrestricted funding, allowing IECF to respond quickly and efficiently to emerging needs in the Inland Empire, addressing critical issues that may fall outside the scope of traditional grant programs. This agile approach enables IECF to be a true leader in the community.

As active donors, our board members have a deeper understanding of both the challenges and opportunities facing the region. Through their direct contributions, our board members are invested in the communities they serve. This leads to more informed strategic decision-making and grant allocations, ensuring that IECF’s resources are used for impactful initiatives.

This year, we’re proud to report that the IECF board has donated a combined sum of over $280,000! In a demonstration of the ripple effect, Board members Jeremy Hobbs and Paulette Brown-Hinds offered $50,000 in matching funds to the Here for Good (HFG) Fund, which in turn inspired Randall Lewis of the Lewis Group of Companies to invest his and his wife’s second generous donation of $80,000. The Here for Good Fund was established in 1992 to provide annual operating support to IECF, allowing us to engage in community leadership on multiple issues.

Beyond the immediate financial benefit, board giving at IECF serves as a cornerstone for building a stronger community foundation. By investing in their community, IECF’s board lays the groundwork for a thriving future, where the ripples of their generosity continue to empower and uplift the region.

Our board invites you to join them in becoming catalysts for positive change through IECF – your community foundation. Unlike national organizations with broad mandates, IECF is deeply rooted in the local landscape, understanding the unique needs and aspirations of the communities we serve. This allows us to act as a bridge, connecting you with the specific causes that resonate with you, ensuring that every dollar has a direct and measurable impact on the lives of our neighbors.

Contact our Charitable Giving Team to discuss your dreams for a better future, or donate today to any of our signature funds or over 400 agency, donor-advised, or scholarship funds.

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