Exciting news! IECF recently distributed the first round of relief grants totaling $3,461,000 from the Riverside County Nonprofit Assistance Fund. The funds were awarded to 391 Riverside County organizations that are facing significant financial strain and providing COVID-19 assistance even as demand for services increases in the county.

For the second round of grantmaking, IECF is distributing another $1,189,000 to support nonprofit operations during the COVID crisis. Grants will be awarded in late October.

“Our nonprofit partners are vital and critical components to serving the growing needs of Riverside County constituents,” said Vice Chair Karen Spiegel, Second District Supervisor.  “We’re glad to see that CARES Act funding has been able to assist numerous nonprofit agencies in the county.  We couldn’t get through this crisis without their dedication and partnership in serving our residents.”

All of these community organizations are addressing a wide range of needs during the COVID, including food insecurity, healthcare, mental health and childcare.

The Riverside County Nonprofit Assistance Fund was made possible by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors who approved $5 million in financial support to the nonprofit community using CARES Act funding. IECF was awarded the funds to administer, in partnership with the Riverside County Homeless Solutions and Workforce Department and the Inland Empire Funders Alliance.

“COVID has brought a number of unforeseen challenges to these organizations, including loss of revenue and postponed events. Now they’re struggling to stay afloat for the long-term even while meeting community needs, said Michelle Decker, IECF CEO. “In these challenging times, we’re honored to collaborate with Riverside County Board of Supervisors to release these urgently needed funds to the nonprofit community.”

Thank you to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors for their support and congratulations to all of the grantees!

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