IECF is pleased to announce the opening of The Dr. Horace Jackson Legacy Scholarship Fund. The fund was established in 2021 to award scholarships to a John W. North High graduating student who demonstrates the same kind of commitment to education and inclusivity as Dr. Horace Jackson, principal of North High in Riverside, California, from 1970 to 1976.

Dr. Jackson was recognized as a courageous, compassionate, and innovative leader during a turbulent time nationally. As principal on North’s multi-ethnic campus, Jackson established a unified culture of mutual respect and inclusion that lives on today. He was known to be ever-present on campus, seeking ways to bring students together. He influenced countless lives by showing confidence in his students and his staff. That legacy continues with the goal of equipping all North High graduates with the moral principle that every person is valued.

To learn more about Dr. Jackson and his influence on North High students or to donate to the fund, please visit the official scholarship page.

The deadline for 2022 scholarship applications is March 11. Guidelines and applications are available here.

Photo courtesy of The Dr. Horace Jackson Legacy Scholarship Fund

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