IE Black Equity Fund Giving Guide

Inland Empire Community Foundation’s mission is to strengthen the Inland region through philanthropy.

With a growing Black population, currently the IE is home to the third largest Black population in the state, and if trends continue, will soon be the second.

Historical practices such as redlining and racial covenants on property deeds have had a profound and lingering impact on Black communities across the United States, and the Inland Empire is no exception. From San Bernardino’s Westside to Riverside’s Eastside, areas that were subjected to redlining experienced sustained challenges, ranging from limited access to quality housing to disparities in educational and health resources, cementing socio-economic disparities that would endure for generations.

In the face of these complexities and challenges, the Inland Empire’s Black community continues to demonstrate resilience, determination, and a strong commitment to driving positive change, offering hope for a more just and inclusive future in the region.

What’s more? The arrival of the IE Black Equity Fund in 2020 represents a significant milestone in the Inland Empire’s efforts to combat anti-Black racism, promote racial equity, and empower Black-led organizations. Its primary focus will remain providing financial resources to Black-led organizations for core support, program and project initiatives, and capacity-building efforts.

In our IE Black Equity Fund Giving Guide, we highlight several of these trusted organizations whose work is helping to close persistent equity gaps in education, health, employment, and housing for the region’s Black community.

We encourage you to learn more about their work.

San Bernardino Fatherhood

San Bernardino Fatherhood is committed to enhancing the engagement of fathers by promoting a culture of father inclusion and responsible fatherhood in communities. This mission is accomplished in collaboration with local schools, community partners, faith-based organizations and public and private agencies.

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IE Black Worker Center

The Inland Empire Black Worker Center is dedicated to building a Black worker-led movement that successfully organizes for quality jobs, and economic and social mobility, and advocates for policies through cultural practices that ensure Black workers, their families, and the community thrives.

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Starting Over, Inc.

For over a decade, Starting Over Inc., has helped people in the Inland Empire and greater Los Angeles area transition back to independent lifestyles after experiencing homelessness and/or incarceration, serving over 1,400 individuals and families.

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Clay Counseling

Founded in 2015 by Dr. April Clay, Clay Counseling Foundation is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves access to the best mental health care and that this is a right, not a privilege. Committed to improving our community, their ongoing outreach and counseling efforts are tailored to the populations we serve.

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Curls Coils & Crowns

Curls Coils & Crown’s mission is to help local Black girls embrace their beauty and create community. This organization, seeing a need for community and culturally relevant lessons, works to create programming that increases the confidence of Black girls inside and outside of the classroom.

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Brothers of the Desert

Brothers of the Desert provides a growing support network for Black gay men and allies in the Coachella Valley. Their mission is to “nurture and support Black gay men and allies through philanthropy, volunteerism, mentorship, education, advocacy, and social networking while changing the dynamics that produce isolation, disconnection, and inequities among Black gay men.

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*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. There are many organizations in our two-county region serving the region’s black community, and can be found here and on the IE Giving Hub.


To better understand the issues affecting the Inland Empire’s Black community, view the recent Black Equity Fund Report published by Mapping Black California. To further support this critical research, give today to the Mapping Black California Fund.


Contact the Charitable Giving team at or call 951-241-7777.

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