IECF is pleased to announce that Graciela Moran has been named Associate Director of Policy & Community Engagement.

“The Inland Empire is my home where I struggled but also thrived.” Graciela shared. “It’s incredibly important for me to be a part of an organization that uplifts the unique lived experiences that we have in the IE. I have seen the impact IECF has created for the region, and I feel honored to be a part of continuing that impact and begin this new chapter of my career at the Foundation.“

Graciela will help build strategies and influence through deep collaboration with community-based organizations and partners while bridging institutional relationships and cultivating partnerships with publicly elected and appointed leaders. She’ll also help develop and implement plans to advance strategies that foster equity and inclusion at multiple levels (Government, Private, and Nonprofit) based on strategic analysis and goals developed with diverse coalition partners, staff, and IECF’s Board of Directors.

Julian Cuevas, Director of Policy & Governmental Affairs, welcomed Graciela, saying, “I couldn’t ask for a better partner in the work ahead. Graciela brings the community expertise, skills, and heart to do good in the community. She leads with intention and is hungry to help the region grow. I’m excited to have her on board and look forward to seeing her elevate our collaborative and collective impact in the Inland Empire.”

Join us in celebrating Graciela’s arrival to the team!

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