Mojave Desert Land Trust, a 2022 S.L. Gimbel Advised Fund grantee

We’ve been honored to partner with the S.L Gimbel Foundation since 2010. This December, IECF was awarded a gift of $9.9 million to be used for causes including the arts, education, the environment, and human dignity issues throughout the region and the U.S.

In 2010, the S.L. Gimbel Foundation opened a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), the S.L. Gimbel Advised Fund, with IECF in order to broadly disseminate financial resources to nonprofits in the Inland Empire, the U.S. and beyond. Since its inception, the fund has granted over $48 million to causes supporting the arts, education, the environment, and human dignity. The DAF honors the memory of Susan H. Gimbel, an ultra-marathon runner, lover of the outdoors and philanthropist, who succumbed to ovarian cancer in 2006.

Additionally, the S.L. Gimbel Foundation established a $5.3 million scholarship fund with IECF in 2018. Since its inception, over $2 million has been awarded to students in the IE and across the country.

The Gimbel Foundation has several trustees, but no staff. By distributing to the Gimbel DAF, IECF provides the grantmaking and administrative help to keep these dollars moving into nonprofits doing the work that Susan Gimbel was passionate about. The trustees, in partnership with IECF, continue to find new organizations and learn together about great programs in the IE and beyond.

Since 2011, the S.L. Gimbel Advised Fund has awarded over $4 million to more than 200 nonprofits in the Inland Empire, with grants ranging from $6,000 to $25,000. Included among these grantees are:

“Working with the Gimbel trustees has been a privilege, “ said Celia Cudiamat, IECF’s Senior Vice President of Grants and Community Impact “We’re honored to partner with them in carrying out Susan’s legacy by improving the lives of the most vulnerable among us and building stronger communities.”

About Donor Advised Funds:

Donor Advised Funds are an excellent philanthropic vehicle for donors who wish to be involved in advising in the selection of grantee recipients and want a flexible, convenient way to give. They can also be an alternative to a private foundation. With a DAF, there is no organization to run and IECF handles IRS reporting and tracking of tax receipts. IECF takes care of all the administration of the fund, leaving you, your loved ones or family the time to focus on your philanthropy. An endowed DAF creates a permanent fund that allows your legacy to live on in perpetuity. If you’d like more information, please contact our Charitable Giving Team at or 951-241-7777.

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