IECF is delighted to announce a gift of $108,000 from Amazon, which will benefit several of the Foundation’s Signature Funds that support organizations serving the IE’s Black and Latino communities and others that promote environmental causes. Amazon’s gift will also bring added resources to the Youth Grantmakers Program, now in its 15th year.

Building on its support of the Foundation last year, Amazon’s donation will enhance existing programs and provide crucial support to the individuals and families who need it most.

“Amazon’s investment in IECF is an affirmation of our belief in transformative change,” said David Ambroz, Head of Community Engagement for Amazon in Southern California. “Together, we are sowing seeds of opportunity, creating a culture of empowerment, and setting a precedent of sustainable growth and inclusion. We are not just funding initiatives; we are fueling dreams and driving systemic change for the communities we serve.”

Grants from IECF’s Signature Funds make it possible for organizations to create impact through social justice programs, housing initiatives, educational scholarships, and environmental – all key areas of need for many communities across the region. Get to know the special funds Amazon is supporting, in particular:

IE Black Equity Fund – advances the missions of Black-led and Black-empowering organizations through program and project support and capacity building. BEI hopes to assist in ending systemic racism as well as building economic and political power for the Black community.

CIELO Fund (Cultivating Inland Empire Latino Opportunity) – empowers Latinos in our communities by uplifting and investing in organizations and initiatives led by and serving Latinos in the region.

Build Coachella Valley Fund – (formerly known as the Salton Sea Fund) supports the social, economic, and environmental resilience of the Coachella Valley and its surrounding communities.

Youth Grantmakers – is dedicated to teaching the tradition of philanthropy and community involvement to youth in the Inland Empire. Over the course of nine months Amazon’s gift will allow students to learn to read and analyze a grant application, respectfully debate the most critical needs, and prioritize the many worthwhile requests received by IECF to benefit our community.

3rd Annual Policy & Engagement Forum – Amazon serves as an official “Breakfast Sponsor” of the Forum, which will bring out 300+ changemakers, community advocates and funders to boldly reimagine how we’ll capture public and private resources that will empower long-lasting and substantial changes for the benefit of IE’s communities.

“By supporting IECF, Amazon demonstrates its commitment to corporate social responsibility and inspires others to do the same,” said Brie Griset Smith, Sr. VP of Charitable Giving at IECF. “We are incredibly thankful and know that this gift will help us to continue our vital work, creating a ripple effect of positive change throughout the IE.”

Learn more about IECF’s Signature Funds and ways you can get involved by emailing us at

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