Dear IECF Friends,

We were rocked again this week with the killing of Rayshard Brooks in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in Atlanta. Lives are forever changed, and we are sorry for Mr. Brooks’ death and the pain caused for so many in this cycle. We need to stay focused on the lives and survival of Black Americans and the reform of systems and hearts that perpetuate racism and unnecessary violence.

While a short statement from IECF won’t stop bad things form happening, we don’t want the moment to blow past. We want to remind our fund holders and partners that there are incredible Black Led Organizations in the Inland Empire working on youth mentoring, educational equity and college attainment, community organizing, youth entrepreneurship and human needs, and restorative justice and policy reform.

Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement

Starting Over, Inc.

Youth Action Project

Sigma Beta XI Youth & Family Services

BLU Educational Foundation

Community Health Action Network

Because at this point, while we can always get better organized or have another meeting, we believe it’s a moment to invest in the organizations that can help Black men, women, and children move beyond the historic, structural, and individual racisms to a flourishing and valuing of Black lives in America. Please, consider giving in this moment to this work, and thank you for your willingness to invest in equity.

For further background, I encourage you to read an open-letter to government and philanthropy leaders from local organizations (including these IE groups) that are part of the Black Equity Initiative.

Offices Closed

Inland Empire Community Foundation’s offices are temporarily closed and our staff is working remotely. As we continue to adapt to our new work environment, we are committed to serving our donors and the community. All office lines are being forwarded to staff and you can continue to reach us via email. While we are not officially open to the public, we will have a staff person in the Riverside office M-F on a limited schedule. Please call before visiting the office, and for any questions, call us at 951-241-7777 or email us at