Our President and CEO Michelle Decker shares her thoughts on the importance of California’s commitment to the nonprofit sector.

I am so proud of this report and the commitment of California to our nonprofit sector and, most importantly, to the innovation we can unleash when we work together. From the report and our Governor’s Social Innovation Advisor, Elena Chavez Quesada, “…I see how government and philanthropic siloes can impede progress or, if we break out of them, unleash innovation and impact.”

I am also very proud of the ways the Inland Empire Community Foundation (IECF) has had the privilege to partner with the Governor’s Office and many state departments to invest in the IE. With the generous support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we’ve directed strategic investments into advocacy initiatives at IECF, advancing our collaborative efforts with the state. Our partnership started with the Census2020 which revealed so much grassroots power. Today, IECF is a partner on California Jobs First (formerly CERF), the Master Plan on Career Education, Regional Forest and Fire Capacity through the Department of Conservation, Creative Corps, the new Office of Community Partnerships and Strategic Communications, Cal Volunteers, disaster relief, and more. Dozens of other nonprofits, government, and institutional partners are involved in virtually every initiative listed in this report.

And to the California foundations who have been relentless partners with us and the Inland Empire – wow, you’ve invested so much to make it possible for communities to be at the table to plan for California’s sustainable and inclusive future, thank you. A special shout out to the Irvine Foundation, Weingart Foundation, and The California Endowment, as well as our community foundation partners across California who are helping to build much of the infrastructure to make the work go in our regions. These partnerships and investments have translated into millions of additional dollars flowing into the Inland Empire. In our dynamic, growing, and diverse IE, we are hopeful that we are creating new ways of working together. We look forward to the ongoing work to build a multi-racial and equitable democracy that is prosperous, just, and peaceful, in deep partnership with the State of California.

Thank you, Governor Newsom, for making this work visible and for the clarity you and your team provide that this work is not easy, but together we can get there, and together we can make sure the people most affected by the issues are at the center of the solutions.


Read more from the state’s report here: https://www.gov.ca.gov/2024/01/19/governor-newsom-issues-2023-social-innovation-impact-report/

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