The 150 Circle of Giving Fund in the Coachella Valley recently received a $10,000 matching gift challenge. Now through March 15, 2021 individuals who become members with a gift of at least $150 have the opportunity to double their donations by participating in this special fundraising campaign.

Since the 150 Circle of Giving launched in November it has approximately 65 members. Jack Alotto, founder and adviser of the 150 Circle of Giving said “this matching gift challenge, if successful, will enable us to increase our membership and increase our initial grant to a Coachella Valley nonprofit. Our advisers are also considering awarding two grants in 2021.”

The 150 Circle of Giving is a membership organization where individuals make a minimum gift of $150 annually to benefit Coachella Valley organizations working to create a better community for all.

IECF holds the fund for the 150 Circle of Giving and Alotto hopes that matching gifts will continue to come forward, making the group’s giving even more impactful.

The 150 Circle of Giving is requesting the public to please consider becoming a member during this matching gift challenge.

The mission of 150 Circle of Giving is 1) to financially support nonprofit organizations working in the Coachella Valley. 2) to create a community of philanthropists who are building relationships with one another and learning about nonprofits working in the Coachella Valley 3) to impact our community and 4) to create a participatory philanthropic giving organization.

For membership information contact Jack Alotto at, or visit their website at

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