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2024 IECF Women's Giving Fund "Woman of Achievement" Nomination

The purpose of the Woman of Achievement award is to recognize an individual woman who has distinguished herself in our region, in her profession, and in her community. The recipient of the Woman of Achievement award epitomizes the values for which Women's Giving Fund stands and represents the best of who we are as women and leaders.

Nominations due by Thursday, February 29th at 5:00 pm.

The 2024 Woman of Achievement Award will be presented at the Women’s Giving Fund Spring Fling on April 21st. Save the Date!!!

The nominees will be judged using the following criteria:

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Please share how the candidate had demonstrated professional growth by outstanding progress in her chosen career. For example, over time she has excelled by obtaining successively more responsible positions throughout her career; she has demonstrated innovation and creativity in her various positions to obtain a significant benefit for her agency; or she has consistently demonstrated exceptional job performance beyond what is normally performed or expected. She has demonstrated commitment to fostering growth and development of women by sharing guidance and professional skills. For example, as a mentor or through her position, she has improved services or conditions for women within her agency or her community.

Please share how the candidate has demonstrated a commitment to her community by sharing her time and talent in ways that benefit the community or individuals within it, and how she has demonstrated exceptional personal commitment to civic endeavors outside of her professional obligations.

Please share how the candidate has demonstrated a commitment to life-long learning and expansion of her own personal and professional resources. For example, she has sought an expansion of knowledge by pursuing a formal degree plan or by participating in selected educational opportunities specific to her career and position.

Please share how the candidate has demonstrated leadership characteristics throughout her career and personal work. Her contributions have required cooperative efforts of other individuals, departments, or agencies. She has successfully demonstrated her abilities as an individual, a team member, and a leader. She has demonstrated a willingness to serve and assist other women in their personal and professional development and contributed to the successes of others as well as her own.
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2023 IECF Women’s Giving Fund “Woman of Achievement” Nomination

Nominations are now closed. Be sure to register for the WGF Spring Fling!


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